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You can learn to drive a classic Ferrari at Fiorano test track


The value of many classic cars continues to inch higher, and likewise interest in the cars is growing, too, even among those unfamiliar with the realities of owning and driving a classic. Overheating, anyone?

In response, Ferrari through its official classic car department, Ferrari Classische, has launched a program to get people acquainted with the ins and outs of driving one of its older models. It’s called the Ferrari Classiche Academy, and it includes the chance to drive on the automaker’s Fiorano test track.

The mechanical workings of vintage Ferraris are explained

The program runs for two days and currently includes examples of the 308 GTS, 308 GTBi and Mondial 3.2.

First, participants learn about the inner workings of the cars by spending time in the workshop and in Ferrari’s technical archive. Then it’s time for the track, where participants learn about vehicle dynamics, the gearbox, corner management, and even how to handle race conditions.

The lessons take place in a wide range of conditions, including driving in the wet, counter-steering at speed and managing vehicle dynamics. For some participants, it will be the first time driving without the convenience of modern safety features. And for more experienced drivers, there’s the chance to learn from Ferrari instructors the art of heel-and-toe and double clutching.

Time trials on the Fiorano track

For true history fans, there’s also the chance to learn about the origins of Ferrari and look through technical drawings, engineers’ notebooks and race reports going all the way back to the company’s founding in 1947.

The first round of the Ferrari Classiche Academy is currently underway. For anyone interested in participating, the next round is scheduled for spring 2020.  For more information, download the academy brochure.



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