1967 Ford Mustang, VW van strengthen grip as most-searched-for on ClassicCars.com

1967 Ford Mustang, VW van strengthen grip as most-searched-for on ClassicCars.com

DeLorean searches plummet as John DeLorean movie wanes

The 1967 Ford Mustang not only extended its reign as the most-search-for vehicle by make, model and model year on the ClassicCars.com Marketplace website to three months in September, it increased its margin over all others, ClassicCars.com statistics show.

And not only was the ’67 Mustang No. 1 for the third consecutive month, it was joined among the top four for September by the 1969 Mustang (third place) and the 1968 Mustang (fourth place).

The 1969 Dodge Charger retained second place but the 1967 Chevrolet Impala dropped from third to fifth.

Newcomer to the top-10 list was the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, which displaced the 1963 Chevrolet Corvette.

Volkswagen ‘bus’ continues to dominate ‘generic’ search category

The website also tracks another top-10 searched-for list, this one for searches for all-years of a make or model without model year specifics.

For the fourth month in a row, that list was topped in September by the Volkswagen van/bus. Chevrolet and Ford retained the Nos. 2 and 3 positions. However, the DeLorean, which had been fourth since June, dropped far out of the top 10.

“We believe the DeLorean climbed into the top-10 searches list because of the publicity and release in June of the movie, Framing John DeLorean,” said Roger Falcione, founder and president of ClassicCars.com. 

With interest in the stainless-steel-bodied car returning to normal levels, the Mustang and Chevrolet C10 pickup trucks moved up in the ratings.

Climbing into the top 10 in September were Dodge, Cadillac and the Ford Bronco, replacing the VW dune buggy, International Scout and the DeLorean.

Early Ford Broncos are in demand

“Vintage Broncos have been building momentum with collectors in recent months,” Falcione said. “Ford has a new version in the pipeline and we expect that many people might want both a new one and a vintage version in their garages.

“We remember the same phenomenon happening when Ford revived the Thunderbird for 2002. Among the buyers of vintage T’birds were Ford dealers who wanted to display the new and old side-by-side in their showrooms.”

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