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Ultimate test drive? Hertz offers souped-up Camaros


Shades of the Hertz/Shelby rent-a-racer era? Not quite, but Hertz Car Rental and Hendrick Motorsports have announced a production run of 2020 Hertz-Hendrick ZL1 and SS Chevrolet Camaros in Hertz signature yellow-and-black colors.

The cars also will get custom wheels, interior badging and various performance upgrades. For example, the ZL1 cars will have their power boosted by Callaway’s GenThree supercharger setup, which means that instead of 480 horsepower, there will be 750 horses and 739 pound-feet of torque available.

Hertz, Ultimate test drive? Hertz offers souped-up Camaros, ClassicCars.com Journal
Callaway-boosted ZL1 pumps out 750 horsepower

The initial build will be 224 vehicles, with the ZL1s available only in Charlotte, Miami, Orlando, Las Vegas and Phoenix airport locations. The 480 horsepower SS cars will be available in those locations as well as in Houston, Nashville, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Tampa, Los Angeles and San Diego, the companies said.

In addition to the rental fleet, Hertz is staging a contest to give away one of the 480 horsepower SS cars. For details, see the Hertz website.

Hertz, Ultimate test drive? Hertz offers souped-up Camaros, ClassicCars.com Journal
Special Camaro fleet comes in 480 and 750 horsepower versions
Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
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  1. they will have to charge an abusive rental price in excess if which the cars will be abused every time they are rented.
    They better charge at least 1000 a day to make this worthwhile.
    By the 100th rental, these cars and 50 sets of tires will be toast.

  2. Um, a modern Camaro is impossible to reverse safely, as the mirrors are "oh-so-cool" but useless, and the C-pillars could withstand Genghis Khan, but regrettably are opaque. Changing lanes, even if one is acquainted with the "turn signal stalk" is always a gamble. And the kind of folks who are attracted to/buy Camaros don’t seem all that concerned about the rules of the road (STOP. I drive a built ’04 GTO, haven’t a ticket since 1986, and have professional training from Uncle Sam & private providers. Want yer mullet back?)
    Let’s add airport morons to the mix, a large percentage of whom suffer from *ahem* "fear of small equipment syndrome"… Bet lotsa these guys have loud- LOUD- pipes on their F-9000ZRX2500RamaradoToughGuyPOWERWAGON 4dr/4wd 6 ton lifted, 26" alloy racecar wheeled useless 4×4 wannabe penis extensions.
    This was a poor idea when Ford/Shelby did it all those years ago. Now? Sigh. At least when one of these unskilled, jacked up morons hits me, my lawyers will have a lucrative target, as I’m quite sure that Hertz will exact a premium.
    No. Not cool at all.

  3. The last thing in the world that the driver of a 750 hp car like this wants the world to know is that it is rentacar. And yet with the colors, it will be screaming out, look at what a Hertz rentacar looks like. Not cool at all.

  4. What??? Not Detroit Metro? Detroit has always had the nickname "Motor City", and you’re not going to have them here??? Shame on you Hertz!


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