VW Beetle featured on the fashion catwalk

VW Beetle featured on the fashion catwalk

Convertible wrapped in ‘hero’ print takes its place during New York’s fall fashion week

One of Volkswagen’s Beetle Final Edition convertibles has been wrapped with alice + olivia’s hero print and will be featured as the company unveils its Spring 2020 collection during New York Fall Fashion Week.

“The fashion world gathers in New York City every September for a week-long reveal of the latest works from top designers, all capturing trends that will shape the industry in the coming year,” Volkswagen of America said in its news release. “Attendees put their best, well-heeled foot forward and see what the season ahead will bring.

“The brainchild of designer Stacey Bendet, alice + olivia’s Spring 2020 fashion presentation has long shed the stale catwalk approach for a series of nine ‘vignettes’ – colorful, social-media-ready sets ranging from frothy pink flowered swings to a backdrop of neon-orange teddy bears. 

Car model and fashion models

“Among a bustling crowd of onlookers and celebrities, Volkswagen further enhanced Bendet’s dream-like vision this year by displaying its Beetle Final Edition, wrapped in alice + olivia’s whimsical hero print for Spring 2020. Guests were able to partake in the set experience and snap pictures inside and around the personality-packed VW Beetle.”

“When the colors are right in a space you exhale and tune into your own interior,” Bendet said. “I dream in color and these rooms are fashion dreams come to life.”

VW added that alice + olivia launched in 2002 and its clothing and accessories are offered in more than 800 department and specialty stores worldwide and more than 20 stand-alone boutiques

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  • Ryan Corman
    September 12, 2019, 5:29 PM

    Does anyone understand "colors right" for "breathing"? I like the VW and the patterns, but have absolutely no clue what the artist/designer said- an explanation delivered in insider jargon explains nothing… Is that the point? "We’re so edgy and cool you have no hope of getting it, just give us money and brag to your equally clueless friends; ah, don’t forget the money."
    Sorry, I am a hobbyist musician and minored in art history, but can’t bring myself to deal with "pretention-speak"; I generally avoid wine tastings, too. Notes of smugness and uninformed desperate grasping for culture and status, despite the state college degree and ‘fridge full of boxwine and Busch Lite. Brrr!
    Sorry. I’d like a real explanation of the intent and inspiration behind the design, but I guess fake "Eurostyle" and pretentious non-speak wins. Sigh.