Ford Europe claims record for most Mustangs in one place

Former standard had been set in 2017 in Mexico

Ford’s Lommel Proving Ground is claiming the world record for the most Mustangs gathered in one place when 1,326 Mustangs from all over Europe arrived at the test track in Belgium on September 7.

That’s right, in Belgium, in Europe, not somewhere in North America.

Some of the record 1,326 Mustangs that set a record in Belgium | Ford Europe photo

And not only that, but the previous record was 960 Mustangs that were together in Toluca, Mexico in December 2017.

Ford Europe also noted in its announcement that more Mustangs are sold per capita in Belgium than in any other European country, and that European sales of the car were up 3.7 percent through the first half of 2019 across the continent.


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  • Michael Guerrero
    September 12, 2019, 5:35 AM

    I occasionally go to the week long Mustang show in Myrtle Beach NC. and am surrounded by thousands of Mustangs. At the different shows during the week, there are well over 2000 Mustangs present. I’m wondering, why wouldn’t that count!

  • Farris Khan
    September 16, 2019, 3:30 AM

    I guess nobody really counts how Mustangs there are at Woodward and Nine mile every August during the dream cruise? If you assume a 5 mile radius is "one place", I would say there is at least double the number of Mustangs there.


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