Cool vibes: RADwood debuts at Monterey

Cool vibes: RADwood debuts at Monterey

This show is for cars from the 1980s and ‘90s, and also the clothes and culture of that era

The folks at RADwood, which if you have-not heard of it is a celebration of cars from the 1980 and ‘90s, and the clothes and culture of that era, held their first Monterey Car Week event in conjunction with Legends of the Autobahn.

While the RADwood component was small in comparison with the rest of the show, there was a nice mix of cars from the era that gave us neon colored clothes, Miami Vice, and exotic cars.

The setting for RADwood’s inaugural visit to Monterey Car Week

RADwood show vehicles

Some of my favorites were a trio of 1990s-colored Porsche 911s, a Lotus Esprit Turbo, a first-generation Range Rover, and even a Maserati Biturbo that, if you can believe it arrived under its won power.

Other standout cars were an extremely nice Ferrari 308 GT4 and a first-generation VW Scirocco that was sadly hit by a commuter car on the way to the show.

I have said it before and will say it again. RADwood is important to our hobby and this first-year event is just the start of something that is going to explode in Monterey in the next few years.

I am pleased that in a few years, when RADwood has hundreds of cars on the show field, with people dressed in their best ‘80s and ’90 attire and New Wave music in the background, I will be able to say that I was there at the beginning.

Time capsules of a bygone era

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