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Gallery features Automotive Fine Arts Society exhibit


New Masters Gallery located in Carmel-by-the-Sea is hosting an exhibit called the “Old Masters,” a collection of pieces from the Automotive Fine Arts Society.  This is the first year that the pieces won’t be displayed at the Pebble Beach Concours D’elegance. That’s because of  the lack of continued support from Lincoln.

In previous years Lincoln was the sponsor for the display space at Pebble Beach. Without that support, the auto art society had to find a new location.

Bill Hill, owner of the New Masters Gallery, which was established in 1974, was more than happy to feature the pieces, but expressed his disappointment in the change.

In June of 2015 the gallery suffered from a devastating fire but looks to have recovered quite well.  A little over 50 pieces are beautifully displayed in his gallery, each with their own distinct focus and style.  Some pieces focus primarily on the shape and form of a specific automobile while others highlight drivers enjoying the drive.

Purple Porsche in the Fall by William Motta
Purple Porsche in the Fall by William Motta

William A. Motta is one of the featured artists and is introducing three of his works, original paintings celebrating Alfa Romeo, Porsche and Lincoln.  One of Motta’s pieces that caught my eye was of a Porsche sitting under the shade of a tree reflecting the leaves on the hood. I couldn’t help but feel the relief of the shade from the sun and the feelings of the drive to that destination while viewing this piece.  But each piece tells a story that I could very easily relate to an experience.

The exhibit will be displayed throughout Monterey Car Week at the New Masters Gallery on Dolores between Ocean and 7th in Carmel-by-the-Sea.  In addition, the gallery is hosting a special event on August 17th from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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