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Ridetech offers kits for GMT400 handling enhancements


Ridetech suggests that it’s time to treat early GM C1500 pickup trucks, the GMT400 series produced from 1988 to 1998, like true classics.

“With plenty of clean, rust-free examples around, you can dive right into the upgrade process,” the Indiana-based aftermarket suspension specialist says. “To get you going, Ridetech introduces two new conversion systems for Chevy and GMC 88-98 C1500 suspension. Both kits, coilover and air ride, will run circles around typical ‘4/6 Drop” kits.’

Ridetech, Ridetech offers kits for GMT400 handling enhancements, ClassicCars.com Journal
Chevy pickup equipped with Ridetech suspension | Ridetech photos

“The centerpiece of both new systems is an innovative wishbone-link rear suspension arrangement,” the company adds. “It offers exceptional articulation, grip and ride quality.”

The company’s new products include a Musclebar front sway-bar design.

Ridetech, Ridetech offers kits for GMT400 handling enhancements, ClassicCars.com Journal

“Once you get behind the wheel, you’ll agree that Ridetech’s Engineering team elevated the 88-98 C1500 platform to true Muscle Truck status,” the promises.

Meanwhile, it adds, “It’s almost a shame to cover up kit’s new wishbone-link rear suspension with your truck’s bed.”

The new components include a tubular crossmember to reinforce the frame and locate the forward end of the wishbone. Heavy-duty C-Notches bolt to the frame as well the tubular crossmember. 

“While some C-Notches may weaken your truck’s frame rails, Ridetech’s integrated C-Notch/Crossmember actually adds strength,” the company claims. “That means you and your lowered muscle truck can still tow and haul at will.  The C-Notches also serve as upper coilover mounts. It all bolts together with zero welding and minimal cutting.”

Ridetech, Ridetech offers kits for GMT400 handling enhancements, ClassicCars.com Journal
Rear crossmember

Meanwhile, “Wishbone-link suspension is a clever ‘3-link’ arrangement that eliminates your truck’s leaf springs for much-improved ride quality and handling. Lower links bolt to your truck’s leaf spring perches. 

“R-Joints eliminate binding and offer long service life with noise-free function. The wishbone bolts to your truck’s 10-bolt or 14-bolt housing. Ultimately your old leaf springs get replaced with links that articulate well and coilovers that are fully adjustable. Tune ride height and shock rebound to your exact combination and driving preferences.”

The coilover setup for the C1500 is priced at $5,725. The air suspension system is $5,900.

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