‘Squarebody’ Chevy trucks get Pro-Fit transmissions

‘Squarebody’ Chevy trucks get Pro-Fit transmissions

American Powertrain introduces new equipment

American Powertrain has introduced new Pro-Fit 5- and 6-speed manual  transmissions for 1978-87 “Squarebody” Chevrolet pickup trucks.

“The Pro-Fit system features the rock-solid Tremec TKO 5-speed or the Magnum 6-speed transmission with all the installation parts you need,” American Powertrain says in its news release.

“The Pro-Fit system includes American Powertrain’s Revolutionary shifter mechanism with an OE 4-speed shift position, their adjustable X-Factor cross member and a 3.5” DOM driveshaft, speedometer hookup, reverse light wiring, and your choice of shifter knobs. for bucket and bench seat applications.”

The company adds that the transmissions are compatible with original bell housing, flywheel, clutch linkage and most OE-sped clutches. A hydraulic clutch upgrade is available.

The 5-speed Pro-Fit Kit starts at $3,995.

For more information, visit the American Powertrain website.

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