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Gordon Murray unveils T.50 supercar details


Design and engineering sketch of the T.50 | Gordon Murray Automotive images

Gordon Murray, designer of the revolutionary 1992 McLaren F1, has revealed details for his T.50 supercar, which Gordon Murray Automotive promises will be “the purest, lightest, most driver-focused supercar ever.”

The company says the T.50, its first product, “improves upon its iconic predecessor in every way.”

Gordon Murray sketches out his next supercar project, the T.50

“The development of T.50 is at an advanced stage, with full production and customer deliveries set to commence in early 2022,” the company’s announcement said. “Just 100 owners of the T.50 will experience Murray’s vision – a supercar inspired by his 50 years at the pinnacle of Formula One and automotive industry engineering and design.”

The T.50 will be mid-engine and rear-wheel drive, with the driver in a central location between the two passenger seats and an H-pattern manual gearbox. The engine will be a new V12, “the highest-revving engine ever used in a production car.” The 3.9-liter engine, designed by Murray and built by Cosworth, is to provide 650 horsepower and will spin to 12,100 rpm, the company said.

Because of “lightweighting,” the car promises “unrivaled power-to-weight.”

“An unflinching dedication to lightweighting, highly advanced active aerodynamics and world-leading standards of advanced engineering will ensure the T.50 rewrites the supercar rulebook,” Murray is quoted in his company’s news release. 

“Our experienced team is applying the same uncompromising approach to design and engineering that shaped every facet of the F1, and they are able to deliver substantial improvements over that car in every meaningful way.”

However, he adds, “I have absolutely no interest in chasing records for top speed or acceleration. Our focus is instead on delivering the purest, most rewarding driving experience of any supercar ever built – but, rest assured, it will be quick.”

Brabham F1 ‘fan car’ (top), McLaren F1 (middle) and the T.50, all designs by Gordon Murray

Enhancing the car’s grip will be a 400mm rear-mounted fan designed to provide ground-effects dynamics by managing underbody airflow. Murray is known for the Brabham BG46B F1 “fan car.”

The T.50 will have a smaller footprint than a Porsche 911 and will weigh little more than 2,150 pounds.

Deliveries of the car will begin in early 2022, Murray’s company said, adding that each T.50 will be priced in excess of £2 million ($2.55 million).

Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
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