New watch celebrates Group B rallying

New watch celebrates Group B rallying

Group B S2 in Corsica Blue inspired by 1980s Mediterranean rally

Calling it “the ideal summer watch — whether you are relaxing by the beach or whipping around corners in a vintage sports car with the top down” — Autodromo has introduced its latest watch designed to express the “spirit of motoring.”

The Group B S2 in Corsica Blue takes its name from the Corsica Rally and its bright blue dial with luminescent pink indexes and hands was inspired, the company says, by the Mediterranean setting and of the tachometer in the Lancia 037 rally car.

“The Autodromo Group B Series 2 is a homage to the technical advancement and exotic materials of that (1980s) racing period, featuring a bi-metallic case construction,” the company says in its news release. “The Miyota 9015 automatic movement is housed within a 39mm titanium capsule composed of two parts, which is held to the wrist via a single-piece

chassis with integral lugs, crafted in stainless steel.

The watch has a brushed stainless-steel chassis and 23mm tapered stainless bracelet.

Based in New York, Autodromo was founded by industrial designer Bradley Price who wanted to craft products that express the spirit of motoring from the golden age of racing, “when driving required style, panache, and perhaps a little bit of danger.”

“Autodromo’s design philosophy blends a contemporary, minimalist sensibility with mid-century vintage character,” the company said.

The new Group B S2 in Corsica Blue timepiece is priced at $975. For more information, visit the company’s website.


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  • Ryan Corman
    June 5, 2019, 10:48 PM

    I want this. It’s as if "Miami Vice" met Erté; slick, minimalist, attractive retro colours- what’s not to like?
    And less than a bill? A must.

  • Joseph Kaye
    June 5, 2019, 11:18 PM

    Does it come with 2 broken hands and a dead battery? It better, if it’s a true homage to the Killer B’s.


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