Toyota to offer replacement parts for classic Supras

The fourth-generation Supra Turbo is popular among collectors | Toyota
Owning classic cars even from mainstream models, such as Toyota Supra, is growing in popularity as values continue to rise and new cars continue to be burdened with technologies that more often than not are unrelated to the art of driving. Fortunately, more and more automakers are catering to owners of older models, the latest being Toyota which will start offering replacement parts for third- and fourth-generation Supras, known to fans as the A70 and A80, respectively. The latest 2020 Supra, the A90, represents the fifth generation of Toyota’s popular sports car. Toyota through its GR performance sub-brand is establishing the GR Heritage Parts Project to oversee the manufacture and sale of replacement parts for older models. Unfortunately, it’s still early days and Toyota isn’t ready to reveal when and what parts will be available. “We cannot answer about specific parts at this time but we will make every effort to meet the expectations of owners,” Gazoo Racing boss Shigeki Tomoyama, an owner of a fourth-generation Supra, said on Friday during the market launch of the 2020 Supra in Japan. It’s likely Toyota will start offering the most in-demand parts based on feedback from owners, just like Nissan has done with replacement parts for older GT-R models. Nissan has even started building the core components for the 2.6-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 that featured in the R32, R33 and R34 models.
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With any luck, we’ll see Toyota start building the Supra’s 2JZ engine so mad tuners can swap it into the fifth-generation car. The 2JZ is a 3.0-liter inline-6 which like its Nissan counterpart is known for being tough as nails and capable of handling big power with stock internals.


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