Fifi most popular name for Fiat 500 in the UK

Fifi most popular name for Fiat 500 in the UK

But royal baby Archie may inspire new owners

British owners of the Fiat 500 apparently like to give their cars a name and the most popular of those names is… Fifi.

However, there is speculation that with the birth of a new royal baby Fiats named Archie will be on the rise.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ UK office offers Fiat 500 owners the option of ordering free personalized name stickers for their cars. More than 3,000 have been delivered. Following Fifi in popularity are Bella, Luigi, Minty and Freddie, the company said.

Sample ‘Archie’ sticker available for Fiat 500s in the UK

“The Fiat 500 continues to reflect people’s individual personality and style, allowing them to make their car as unique as themselves,” FCA UK said. “Every Fiat 500 is as individual as the person who drives it.”

“The fantastic response we had from owners shows how the Fiat 500 is so much more than a car to its owners, it becomes a member of the family.” said John MacDonald, Mopar service, parts and customer care director for FCA UK. 

However, he added, “With the birth of the Royal baby, I predict the popularity of Archie will increase.”

The program providing name stickers to Fiat 500 owners runs through June 30, though at the special website.

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