Courtship car revisited

Courtship car revisited

Pick of the Day is a 1955 DeSoto Fireflite like the one in which they dated

Back in the 1950s, a school-district policeman in Philadelphia courted his future wife in a 1955 DeSoto Fireflite. The courtship worked — they are still married — and their family soon outgrew the car. 

“In the back of his mind though, kind of like his first love, was always the first car owned, the ’55 Fireflite,” reports the Morgantown, Pennsylvania, dealership that is advertising the Pick of the Day on ClassicCars.com, a 1955 DeSoto Fireflite sedan consigned for sale to the dealer by that policeman.

Fireflite was the top-of-the-line DeSoto in 1955 and featured Chrysler’s Forward Look styling

“Starting out with a rust-free Arizona car, this find is now sporting enormous white fang-shaped insert panels on either side, surrounded by beautiful straight black panels, and loads of pristine chrome, this now restored edition of the Fireflite presents beautifully,” the dealer reports.

“From its toothy grille (toned down from previous years) to its chromed trim, rocker covers, headlight bezels, bumpers and drip moldings, this car is worth its weight in just chrome.

“ ‘Fireflite’ badging in mid-fifties style is worth the price of admission as well. A white painted contrasting top over the black gives this tuxedo like car the look of the king of the prom.”

The dealer is just as generous in praising the car’s interior, drivetrain, even its undercarriage.

Needless to say, we get the idea that the car’s restoration has been done with meticulous care, inside and out and even underneath.

The car is powered by a 291cid Hemi V8 topped by “the Fireflite’s signature” 4-barrel carburetor. The engine links to a PowerFlite automatic transmission.

“Reigniting the spark of youth, our policeman consigner spent many an hour with his Arizona-acquired Desoto Fireflite to get it just right,” the dealer says. 

“But it’s the memory it brought back that make it really special. A true labor of love in more ways than one, now ready to move to the capable hands of the next appreciator of mid-fifties automobile finery.”

The car is on offer for $18,500. To view this listing on ClassicCars.com, see Pick of the Day.

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