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Take a tour of Classic Car Studios’ full restoration shop


Considering we’re coming to the end of February, which happened to be Garage and Tools Month on the ClassicCars.com Journal, I though it would be cool to give you guys a tour of my home-away-from-home, the Classic Car Studios headquarters.

For those who don’t know, we’ve got a pretty big facility near St. Louis, Missouri, where we do everything from full restorations to service and sales. I’m talking thousands of square feet, so it’s one of those places where there’s always something going on.

A big chunk of our headquarters is dedicated to the fun stuff: working on cars. Considering we do all our work in-house, we have different shops for different projects — interior, body, paint. Basically, if a car needs something done, we can tackle it.

When we start a restoration, we often have to do some work in our fabrication shop. The project could need new panels, brackets, firewalls or a long list of other parts, and we’ve started to adopt some technological advances that save us time and the customer some money. I wish I had some of these tools in my home garage, but there is no way they’d fit.

After metal and bodywork, we send the car to our mechanical shop. This is where we get things running correctly and, depending on what it needs, it may undergo final assembly right away.

If the car needs paint, we can do that. Our paint booth is a little messy, but hey, it’s paint. It gets everywhere.

Considering we have our own showroom and lots of projects that need to be documented, we’d be incomplete without our own photography studio. This is one of the last places we see a car before it’s returned to an owner or we list it for sale.

Sure, our shop is a little bigger than your average home garage, but there’s a lot of the same issues: We need more storage, the clutter just seems to happen and we can always use more room for cool cars.

If you ever find yourself near us, swing by for a tour so you can check out the whole facility in person.

Noah Alexander
Noah Alexanderhttps://www.classiccarstudio.com/
As the owner and founder of the famous Classic Car Studio auto shop in St. Louis, Noah Alexander is no stranger to the automotive world. His shop has created one-of-a-kind custom designs and restorations for private collectors since 2006, earning awards at car shows across the nation. His hit Velocity Channel series Speed is the New Black ran for two seasons from 2017 to 2018, with Season 1 becoming the second-most successful debut season in the channel’s history. Outside of the custom car space, Alexander is a partner in Goebel & Co. Furniture, a manufacturer of high-end modernist hardwood furniture based in the heart of St. Louis.


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