3M offers automotive body repair kits for simpler DIY projects

3M offers automotive body repair kits for simpler DIY projects

All-in-one packages help reduce confusion, work time

Buying items to fix a vehicle can prove tricky, as most projects tend to require multiple items to complete, especially automotive body repair work.

To reduce work time and frustration levels, 3M — maker of Bondo — offers kits for fixing scratches and rock chips, dents on fenders and cosmetically damaged bumpers.

“At 3M, we pride ourselves in offering products that allow automotive DIYers to get the job done right,” 3M Auto global product manager Matt Callahan said in a news release. “With these new Bondo Kits, we’re continuing to improve on the brand our customers have come to know and trust over the last 60 years.”

The Scratch & Rock Chip Repair Kit contains special 3M putty, spreaders and sandpapers at two grit ratings — 180 and 320.

The other kits are more extensive. The Bondo Bumper Repair Kit is designed to permanently fix small–to-medium-sized holes in flexible bumper parts. The kit comes with the company’s bumper epoxy, as well as spreaders, a fiberglass screen mesh, primer and a special cloth. Three grits of sandpaper are also included.

The Dent Repair Kit helps DIYers navigate a four-step process. It comes with filler, glazing and spot putty, spreaders, primer and a tack cloth, as well as three different grits of sandpaper.

3M said the kits are sold at AutoZone stores and online.

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