New gear box gives customizers steering system options

New gear box gives customizers steering system options

Product claimed not one, but two awards at SEMA Show

As the popularity of custom cars and trucks grows, builders are getting more and more creative. There’s a workaround for nearly every part of a car, but the steering system is something that tends to be a headache.

Enter Flaming River’s VDOG 90-Degree Gear Box.

In the company’s words: “VDOG features a 35-degree variable angle, articulating ball output shaft, allowing for maximum adjustment of the steering angle to the steering gear and ¾” diameter, 36 spline input and output shafts for universal joint or coupler connection. The VDOG boasts a gear driven design with no chains or sprockets for instant steering response. VDOG can be mounted at multiple vertical and inverted positions in engine bays or behind dash boards or firewalls.”

In simple English: This product gives builders more options when customizing a car, especially those with tight firewall clearance.

The product was so well received at the annual SEMA Show, where it was introduced, that it won awards for the Best New Street Rod product and Best New Engineered Product.

The gear box is available for purchase online. It has an MSRP of $695.

Carter Nacke

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