Let’s talk about your garage and the tools inside, shall we?

Let’s talk about your garage and the tools inside, shall we?

February is Garage and Tools Month on the ClassicCars.com Journal

Now that the madness of the holidays and Arizona Auction Week has come to a close, it’s time for most of us to take stock of the situation going on in our garages and tool benches.

If you’re like me, boxes of holiday decorations have yet to be properly organized and my tools are scattered from quick-fix situations — after admitting such embarrassing facts, I’m really hoping a lot of you are like me.

Instead of seeing the coming months of organization as stressful, I think this is a great time to start setting up your automotive workspace. Winter will hold most of us in its grip for a while longer, which means we’ll have to wait a few months to pull our cars out for summer drives.

At the risk of sounding like a nagging significant other, why not use this time to get your garage and tool bench set up looking great? That will be a focus of the ClassicCars.com Journal over the next 28 days. We’ve deemed February as Garage and Tools Month.

During this month, we’ll bring you stories that range from garage tips and tools car people should own to some cool videos and inspiring stuff that will, hopefully, get you ready to set up a workshop of your own.

After all, summer — aka collector car season — is just around the corner!

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