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Four-door Mustang? Real or rumor?


You may recall that Ford Motor Co. announced this spring that it would quit producing regular passenger cars — with two exceptions: the new Focus Active, a crossover wagon it would import, and, of course, the ever-popular and ever-collectible Mustang.  

This summer, Ford said the new U.S. tariffs on imported vehicles forced it to change its mind on bringing in the Active, and now rumors are circulating that the company is considering a four-door version of the Mustang for those who still want or need a standard passenger sedan.

A Mustang forum, Mustang6G.com, reported that Ford hinted at such a vehicle at a recent meeting with its dealers. Apparently, the sedan would be built on a long-wheelbase Mustang platform and would have a fastback architecture. The car would be aimed at competing with the likes of the Porsche Panamera and vehicles of that ilk. 

When Car and Driver magazine followed up on the report, a Ford spokesman would neither confirm nor deny any such rumor, instead responding that “we are always on our game to keep Mustang exciting every year.”

Which brings us to this question: As a car collector/enthusiast, would you accept a four-door version of the Mustang or does such a car violate the spirit of the Mustang badge? And would a four-door version enhance or hurt Mustang values as collectible cars?

Larry Edsall
Larry Edsall
A former daily newspaper sports editor, Larry Edsall spent a dozen years as an editor at AutoWeek magazine before making the transition to writing for the web and becoming the author of more than 15 automotive books. In addition to being founding editor at ClassicCars.com, Larry has written for The New York Times and The Detroit News and was an adjunct honors professor at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at Arizona State University.


    • Just google "Ford xy gt" & you will see the first 4-door- factory-built Mustang made in 1971. Purposely built sedan to resemble Mustang.

      • If Ford makes a 4 door model, it’s all over as far as people lovin* that car. Leave it alone. You are making tons of money off that model and all your customers love it. I have three mustangs and one 57 third and three 2002 t birds. Some one has already said they killed the t bird by adding doors. Don’t kill the Horse.

  1. In my humble opinion, this would ruin the Mustang. If Ford wants to build a 4-door sport sedan based on the same chassis as the Mustang, I’d have no problem with that, provided it shared no common styling themes. Dust off the Falcon, Maverick, Galaxie name or whatever, drop in a 5.0 V8/6-speed manual/AWD drivetrain and it sounds like great fun! But whatever you do Ford, don’t make it look like a Mustang! You should be smart enough to realize by now that the Mustang is almost held sacred. It is a legend in its own time; and one should not fool with such a legend.

  2. The only thing that prevented me from buying a new mustang was that it had two doors. Instead I bought a new BMW M3 which I would gladly trade in this mustang ever comes out with a four-door version with a manual shift.

  3. All previous comments I read were on target, and I’m not, nor ever have been, a Ford guy. My daily, in Fargo ND(!) is a 2004 6spd manual 5.7 GTO, winter too. My father worked his entire life at the Delco-Remy plant in Anderson, IN, and as a child of the ’60’s we had Impala SS’s, Buick Wildcats, 442’s and such at home. My Dad & his older brother not only built and raced Sprint/dirt oval cars, but were active supporters and participants in the regional street racing scene. All GM or die iron; I never had my Dad’s institutionalized hatred of non-GM stuff, but I still tend towards GM high performance offers.
    Said, I have always considered the Mustang as the only thing past the Model T Ford builds that’s worth the metal it’s stamped out of.
    Sorry. The 4door so-called " Charger" still has me tense. Had a ’69 R/T many moons ago. Not a sedan name- why not "Polara"?
    I can’t breathe. The greed(?) and or stupidity(?) has me dumbfounded.
    Please stop this. The Mustang is the definition of "Halo car", an aspirational vehicle that moves many lesser Fords off the lots.
    I don’t even like these things, but a Mustang is NOT NOT NOT a "loss leader" sedan.
    First the 4 door "Charger". Then we get the insane Trümpenfüerer. Now a 4 door Mustang. I’m a service connected disabled veteran, and this is not the country I volunteered to die defending.
    Can car guys unite, and stop this? We get the new GT, we get Shelby versions of Mustangs that as plain GT/5.0s cause me problems- and my GTO is neither stock nor close to it’s 5.7 birth weight- and the freaking Raptor… and Ford is considering a 4 door Mustang!?!
    Pirate time. Arrgh. Please God don’t do this to me.
    GTO to G8 to SS- heinous.
    Mustang to- what? Maverick 2?
    Please stop this.
    Ryan Corman
    Fargo ND

  4. A 2 door car always looks better than a 4 door in my opinion, I have a Mustang in the UK a 68 Fastback, and an Aston Martin they made the Rapide and that looked awful, long live the coupe

  5. They should make that car. It should be called the “Model A Fordoor”. That would make as much sense as anything else. And, then, GM could make a similar Camaro and call it the ‘Pinto MorDoor’, so as not to be a direct copy of Ford. And FCA could rename their 4 door hot rod the ‘DODGE This, Brothers!’ . Too bad that AMC is gone. Their’s could be the ‘Grim-Grim Grimlyn’, with a minor spelling change so future folks could tell the difference.

  6. Forget the four doors, just make it a frickin’ SUV, and it will sell like hotcakes. It won’t be long before that’s all you can buy anyway, and Ford is a step ahead by eliminating sedans from it offerings soon.

    • I can’t believe they would even consider a four door Mustang. I have four mustangs and would never own a four door Mustang.
      Back when they were thinking about making the Mustang front wheel drive we objected and they did away with that idea so please get rid of this stupid idea as well.

  7. I’ve owned six mustangs, from a 1965 to a1979 turbo pace car and now a 2007 mustang GT. I’ve always been a Ford man. I was planning on buying a new GT. I love the mustangs, if ford screws them up I WILL NEVER buy another ford!


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