Garage-kept, rust-free Vanagon

Garage-kept, rust-free Vanagon

Pick of the Day is a Volkswagen van used primarily for weekend camping trips

Garage-kept and rust-free are sought after features when it comes to buying a collectible vehicle and the specialist dealership offering the Pick of the Day, a 1983 Volkswagen Vanagon L, promises in its advertisement that this Vee-dub has been garage-kept and is rust-free.

“This Window Van has spent a majority of its life in Northern Michigan and has always been garage-kept,” the dealership, located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, says in its advertisement on 

“Used mainly for summer camping excursions, it remains highly original and extremely reliable. 

“Most recently, our client made the van into a promo vehicle for his retro furniture business, but the bus is just too nice to keep parked outside. The vinyl stickers can be removed easily without hurting the paint, which we will do per the new owners request.”

The ad notes that new tie rods, ball joints, rod-arm bushings and muffler were installed in October 2016.

Volkswagen produced its third-generation Type 2 vans from 1979-1990, though they were built in South Africa until 2002. 

“It runs like a top,” the dealership notes of the Pick of the Day, adding that the 2.0-liter 4-engine has been upgraded “to a carbureted induction from the problematic fuel-injected system. It fires on demand without question.”

The engine is linked to a 4-speed manual transmission.

The van wears two-tone Agate Brown and Ivy paint and has a brown and tan cloth interior.

“Noteworthy features on this bus include a sliding passenger side door, two batteries, rear-mounted engine, industry leading turn radius, good fuel economy, an aftermarket stereo with Aux input and speakers, and brand-new tires,” the ad explains.

“The Vanagon design was ahead of its time and offers a nostalgic driving experience.”

The odometer shows 137,731 miles. The asking price is $12,500.

To view this listing on, see Pick of the Day.

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