First tourist scheduled to fly around the moon is a car collector

First tourist scheduled to fly around the moon is a car collector

Yusaku Maezawa has a garage full of out-of-this-world cars

The first tourist that will be taken to outer space aboard a SpaceX rocket is also a car collector and owns some of this planet’s most expensive rides, both late-model and classic.

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa primarily made his money on the internet: His website, Zozotown, is the largest online retail outlet in Japan and he recently launched Zozosuit, a made-to-measure suit business.

He also dabbles in the art world and has spent millions on paintings over the years — sometimes in a single weekend — which he plans to house in a museum.

But the real works of art are sitting in Maezawa’s garage. His Instagram page shows a Bugatti Chiron, a Mercedes-Mayback G650 Landaulet and an Aston Martin ONE-77, among a slew of other absurdly expensive cars.


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#buggati #chiron #bugattichiron #thisisart

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But his collection isn’t limited to today’s cars. A few posts showed some classics in the mix, including a Bugatti Type 35.


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#bugatti #t35 乗らせてもらった!

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Money doesn’t seem to be an issue for Maezawa, who paid a massive sum for the SpaceX flight around the moon planned for 2023 (at the earliest). SpaceX founder Elon Musk, himself a billionaire, told Reuters that Maezawa paid “much higher” than the $110 million he spent on a single painting.

We’ll let Maezawa’s head sit in the stars. Instead, we’ll be here on Earth envying his car collection.

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