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Take a drive in the performance-focused 2018 Ford Mustang RTR Spec 3


The Ford Mustang has a long history of performance, but the 2018 Ford Mustang RTR Spec 3 designed by Vaughn Gittin Jr. and his team is something special.

The team at AmericanMuscle.com was kind enough to give away a prime example of one of these cars – chassis No. 3 – but first put together a full review as part of the Hot Lap video series of the car before handing over the keys.

“It’s not going to be for everyone, but I don’t know who can deny this kind of performance,” host Justin Dugan said in the video.

For those not in the know, RTR, also known as Ready to Rock, is a company that was founded to offer aggressive functionality and performance dealer packages in Mustangs but has since expanded to other Ford products. AmericanMuscle.com is the exclusive retail source for RTR parts.

Gittin, who founded RTR, started his race career in Formula DRIFT, but the company has made it clear that it does not make Mustangs just for drifting. The Spec 3 is designed to be a full performance package that lets the driver choose which driving experience he or she wants.

There are three grades of RTR Mustangs ranging from Spec 1 to Spec 3. Spec 1 is design-focused and includes vinyl details, functional hood vents, a chin spoiler and the signature grille that blends LEDs with mesh. For this model year, the front splitter was designed to be more understated and a diffuser was added to the back, among some other tweaks.

Spec 2 gets the same design features but adds the fully adjustable Tactical Suspension package. With it, drivers can select from a few settings that will allow for everything from cruising around town to ripping up back roads.

Spec 3 is the true performance model. In addition to the above, it has an intercooled 5.0-liter V8 under the hood with a Ford Performance and Roush 2650 TVS Supercharger System. The system makes 700 horsepower and 610 pound-feet of torque at the crank.

“It rips,” Dugan said in the video, adding that RTR recognizes such performance-focused cars won’t meet the needs of all.

“The cars are available to everyone but not for everyone,” Dugan said.

But for those who want the upgraded styling and performance, the RTR may be the end of a long search. “The car becomes a part of you and you become a part of the car,” Dugan said.

Upgrading to a Spec 3 will cost somewhere in the $20,000 range, in addition to the cost of the car. The Spec 3 in the video is not equipped with a specialized Spec 3 exhaust, but RTR has since released the product. You can enter to win the exhaust system daily on AmericanMuscle.com.


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