Classic Infotainment systems available for Jaguars, Land Rovers

Classic Infotainment systems available for Jaguars, Land Rovers

The touchscreen-based audio, Bluetooth and navigation device blends in with vintage dashboards

One downside of driving classic cars compared with modern vehicles is the lack of the advanced technology with which we’ve grown so accustomed.  Jaguar Land Rover Classic has introduced a touchscreen Classic Infotainment System that can be installed in vintage models without looking too out of place. 

The new system “provides modern audio, navigation and infotainment functionality for most classic cars, with discreet and harmonious styling,” the classic division says in a news release.


The new technology has a classic look

With a 3.5-inch touchscreen, the system provides an upgraded digital audio system with AM/FM and input ports, Bluetooth and customizable satellite navigation.  Available in four different styles, the unit is designed to fit in with the style of many classic Jaguars and Land Rovers and works with existing “negative earth” electrical systems (many 1960s and older British cars were positive ground).

“Four distinct branded versions of the Classic Infotainment System will be offered specifically for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles, with a choice of black or chrome faceplate finishes to suit Jaguars, and a choice of black or silver brushed aluminum for Land Rovers,” the release says. 

Other features of the Classic Infotainment System include telephone functionality with phone-book transfer via Bluetooth and support for up to four devices with 1,250 contacts per device; an internal microphone; and system languages in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian, and up to 32 languages available for navigation.

The system starts at £1,200 ($1,563) and is available at the classic parts website.

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