Updated collapsible steering columns called safer for customs, racing cars

Updated collapsible steering columns called safer for customs, racing cars

Michigan-based ididit launches new line

Michigan-based ididit has launched an updated line of collapsible steering columns which use Delrin shear pins for improved resistance to fatigue and wear, the company announced.

“Often used in bushings and other components, acetal plastic — commonly known by the brand name Delrin — is a thermoplastic polymer manufactured by the polymerization of formaldehyde,” ididit said. 

“Innovation comes from a new inner-workings design developed by ididit engineers that features shift tube improvements and additional perforations for double the amount of column collaspibility over previous models. For drivers of custom cars and racers, it simply means a safer steering column in case of an accident.”

The news release quotes ididit engineer Peter Hathaway who said third-party testing demonstrated that the pins provide dimensional stability, high toughness and fatigue resistance across a wide temperature range, and withstood exposure to solvents, water, oils and other petroleum products.

The Delrin pins replace steel “roll-pin” shear pins.

“We’re excited to immediately offer this upgraded design on our complete line of retrofit collapsible columns, including the Pro-Lite line, as well as tilt shift and floor shift models,” Hathaway is quoted. 

“Any vehicle that came with a collapsible column from the factory—we build a collapsible column for that application, and now one that’s safer than ever.”

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For more information, visit the ididit website.


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