Bring on the night for Mopars under lights

After dark Chrysler show casts classic cars in a new light

One of the more unusual car shows in the Midwest recently brought out over 200 Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth cars for a dusk start on a hot summer night at Schlossmann’s Dodge in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

While most car shows are wrapping up at sunset, the Mopars Under Lights show, staged by the Wisconsin Mopar Club, is just getting started.

The time slot affords an unusual view of some rare Chryslers aglow with headlights and taillights as ambient light fades to be replaced by halogen illumination. The setting sun makes for some striking new visualizations of some favorite classics.

Fading light gives a luminescent glow to the Chrysler Corporation’s famous palate of High Impact Colors which were emblematic of the muscle car era. Shades like Sassy Grass Green, Lemon Twist Yellow, Panther Pink and Plum Crazy Purple are among the most vibrant shades ever applied to production automobiles.

There are fewer classic Chryslers and many more modern Dodges in attendance –- a sign of the shifting demographic at such events and a growing disdain toward futzing with old cars, especially after dark.

Also included were some AMC Corporation and Jeep products. The cars are considered kissing cousins to the Mopars due to the fact that Jeep/Eagle division was acquired by the Chrysler Corporation in 1987.

The event is a family affair, inviting young car enthusiasts to take in the rich variety of classic Chryslers in hopes of imparting a love of all things Mopar to the next generation.


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  • ed yakimishyn
    September 4, 2018, 5:45 PM

    200 cars and not one 66-67 Charger that I can see! Wonder why.

  • Dean Prevolos
    September 5, 2018, 3:41 AM

    How often do they have the event? I would like to bring my 69 Roadrunner to the next event.