Mid-week at Monterey: A birthday party at the Jet Center

This year the Motorworks Revival coincided with the host’s birthday

Monterey Car Week 2018 continues with an extravagant mid-week event that’s a mixture of aircraft, motorcycles, and cars that are classic, modern and some that race. It’s McCalls Motorworks Revival staged at the Monterey Jet Center, and this year the annual event was especially special since it coincided with host Gordon McCall’s birthday.

Upon arrival, you are greeted by a highly decorated woman suspended from an archway in a half-moon ornament and holding a bottle of champagne that fills guests glasses as they pass through.  

Then, after dodging a few airplane wings, your eyes are greeted by an onslaught of seemingly every breed of automobile, from muscle cars signed by Carroll Shelby to a 21-window Volkswagen bus and to Lamborghinis and retired race cars.  

One car that stuck out to me the most was the Genesis Essentia concept car with it’s “Athletic Elegance,” a vision for the future vision of the GT.

The eye candy didn’t stop there as a rally arrived with a variety of cars including the new Acura NSX and a vintage Porsche 356.  

As if the event didn’t already have enough to see, the rally gracefully parked behind a beautiful plane and the new Ford GT.  

The only unenjoyable portion of the event for me? Trying to photograph the cars around all of the sharped dressed guests.

Rebecca Nguyen

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