Speedtail will be fastest McLaren yet

Hyper-GT will be three-seater capable of more than 243 mph

As you might have gathered from the video above, McLaren has revealed the name of what it claims will be “the world’s first hyper-GT.” The car, codenamed BP23, will be dubbed the Speedtail.

Maybe if you’re driving the fastest McLaren ever built, you don’t care what it says on the back of the car. The previously fastest McLaren, the F1, hit 243 mph.

The Speedtails will be gas/electric hybrids.

McLaren says the name is “evocative of a peak speed higher than any McLaren yet and flowing, highly streamlined design.”

The car, part of what McLaren calls its “Ultimate Series,” is due to go into production sometime in 2019 and all 106 to be built already have been pre-sold, at £1.6 million each, not including taxes. At the current conversion rate, that’s around $2.1 million per car, though those contracts were done as long as two years ago.

Like the F1, the Speedtail will be a three-seater with the driver in the middle. McLaren also says the car will “feature exquisite new materials encouraging boundless tailoring through McLaren Special operations. Each car will be personalized to the owner’s taste.

Those owners will be the first to see the illustrations of the completed design, and that will happen soon since McLaren says it will publicly reveal the car before the end of this year.

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