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Children show little interest in old cars


This past week we asked you, “If you have young children or grandchildren, do you involve them in your car hobby?”

More than 60 percent of those responding said only “occasionally, they only have limited interest.” Another 18 percent said “Almost never, they have no interest.”

So sad.

Another 18 percent said their young children or grandchildren always like to help and learn, or at least enjoy going for a ride in the classic car.

Our question this week seeks your definition of what is a “muscle car.” You can vote in the right-hand column of the Journal home page.


  1. Let them help work on the cars, and clean and maintain the cars. That’s how I got started. I was helping Dad maintain the family sedan when I was as young as 6 years old, probably even younger than that. Of course my helping was probably just getting in his way! I have no kids of my own but I have a soon to be 16-year old niece that I’m looking forward to taking her to her first car show later in August.


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