Get a better view of Volkswagen’s record Pikes Peak climb

New video shows the achievement from inside the electric race car

A few weeks ago, Volkswagen released video footage taken from a helicopter of its I.D. R Pikes Peak electric race car breaking the all-time speed record to summit Pikes Peak.

But, to be honest, the video wasn’t that great. The car got lost in the trees at times and there was no commentary or reactions.

Thankfully, the German automaker released a much better video of the historic accomplishment on Friday. The new version shows off a slew of angles, from inside the car to directly next to the road.

It started with the unveiling of the car but wastes little time in getting to the good stuff. The car took off from the starting line like a bullet out of a gun, and a well-placed camera showed just how fast it was moving.

Even the video’s commentators are shocked. “Holy smokes. That is one extremely fast car,” one of them said.

The coolest part is being able to see the driver, Romain Dumas, work his magic. The viewer really gets a feel for just how fast the car goes and how the ride is as he grips a steering wheel that looks more like a video game controller than what we’re all used to seeing in our cars.

At the end, we actually get to see Dumas celebrate his record feat.

Excuse me while I go watch this video again.

Carter Nacke

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