Bentley creates limited-edition Mulsanne that honors its history

Bespoke vehicles loaded with homages to the famed marque’s past

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Bentley Motors will publicly debut a limited edition Mulsanne that recalls the brand’s history at Monterey Car Week in August.

In a news release, Bentley said each of the 100 Mulsanne W.O Edition by Mulliner cars will have a slice of the crankshaft from founder W.O. Bentley’s personal 1930 8 Litre car on display. It was the final car he designed.

The interior takes cues from luxury living in the 1930s. A color split made of Fireglow Heritage and Fireglow hide that is paired with Beluga hide detailing and blind stitching.

The cars also have Fireglow lambswool rugs, glass tumblers, a privacy curtain to the rear doors and a rear seat entertainment systems.

The anchor piece of the each interior is the illuminated cocktail cabinet. It portrays a front matrix grille and headlight of W.O. Bentley’s final car and is made with four different types of wood. Some aluminum accents were added, along with diamond-like borders to give the piece an Art Deco feel.

The interior of the car is shown in this artist’s rendering. | Bentley Motors photo

Bentley said the cars will be painted in its Onyx color, unless otherwise specified by the customer, and will have a chrome bonnet strip with the iconic Flying B Mascot atop an optional chrome radiator shell and grille.

A W.O. Bentley signature badge will be placed on the lower bumper and special 100th anniversary badging will be on the steering wheel and door sills.

The cars will be delivered next year to celebrate the marque’s centenary.

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  • Ryan Corman
    July 23, 2018, 7:56 PM

    STOP STOP STOP with the "bespoke" this and "bespoke" that! Please! Do ya no’ ken "buzzword"? Look up both, then please please please STOP with the "bespoke". Automotive so-called "writing" is chock-a-block full of this "bespoke" nonsense. Look it up, fer Chris’sake, then STOP. Counted 18 misused "bespoke"s in one month’s mailed publications, now I gotta endure it here!?!
    If W.O. didn’t rise from the grave and give you a ONE OFF, just for you, it ain’t "bespoke".
    If Enzo didn’t rise from the grave and give you a ONE OFF, then it ain’t "bespoke".
    ONE OFF, intended for ONE individual.
    Factory specials ain’t "bespoke". Limited editions, no matter how $pendy, are not "bespoke".
    A ONE OFF, made for ONE PERSON, never to be repeated- that’s "bespoke".
    Just effing stop trying to sound more educated than y’are. PLEASE.
    Jeez-us wept. How the **** did the automotive press glom on to this "bespoke" BS, anyway!? Was there a meeting? STOP. Please I’m begging you to just stop.
    An option for one model is NOT "bespoke", unless that single, unique model is never repeated… unlike "bespoke", which seemed to have replaced "robust" as the most misused meaningless word in today’s "writing". Just waiting for someone to describe some option as "robustly bespoke"; then I shoot myself.