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Road trip, car show top answers in our poll


How did you celebrate Collector Car Appreciation Day this past weekend? According to the results of our weekly poll, the most popular choices were “Taking my classic on a weekend road trip” and “Going to a weekend car show (or two).”

Each of those answers drew 36.36 percent of the votes.

“Installing a new part I purchased for the car” was third at 18.18 percent with the other 9.09 percent of votes going to “Giving my classic a careful detailing.”

The other two responses — “Giving my classic a careful detailing” and “Cleaning the garage where I keep my classic” — drew no votes.

The new question for this week is: “If you have young children or grandchildren, do you involve them in your hobby?” You can pick from several responses in the right-hand column of the homepage. Voting ends Sunday, July 22.


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