British company creates simple navigation tool for motorcyclists

Moto turns complicated navigation into simple on-bar arrow

Motorcyclists, rejoice: No longer will you have to rely on glances at confusing maps or hope your headphone navigation is loud enough to be heard the engine.

British company Beeline has unveiled a device that temporarily attaches to either the handlebars or fuel tank and reduces directions to a simple arrow and distance reading, among other modes.

The Moto –- which resembles an old-time if digital compass –- was originally designed for bicycles. However, the company made some tweaks so the device could handle higher speeds and more vibration. The one-inch device also uses very low amounts of power, which decreases the likelihood of a rider’s navigation cutting out mid-cruise.

The company introduced the device on online fundraising site Kickstarter, where it quickly gained traction. As of noon Friday, it had already earned its $50,000 goal six times over.

Moto uses a Bluetooth connection to get GPS data from a rider’s cellphone. The device comes with an app that lets users set courses ahead of time, whether that is to a specific location or a route users select using a drag-and-drop pin system.

The app comes with worldwide maps, unlike some other GPS devices that only come with a specific continent preloaded. However, the company noted some users may experience issues in mainland China.

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Other modes on the waterproof device are also available.

The Moto is expected to be priced at $199, but some discounts and options on Kickstarter could affect that number.

Carter Nacke

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