1914 Wanderer wins preservation award from FIVA

1914 Wanderer wins preservation award from FIVA

Three motorcycles honored at rally in Germany

A 1914 Wanderer “Army” model motorcycle was awarded the FIVA Best Preserved Vehicle award at the recent Ibbenburener Motorad-Veteranen-Rally in Germany. More than 400 vintage motorcycles took part.

The five-member jury described the motorcycle as “a beautifully preserved specimen of the marque, which still has its original leather saddle and many original features preserved.”

Wanderer well preserved

The bike is propelled by a 500cc V-twin engine with belt drive and a two-speed rear-hub transmission. 

The award-winning machine is owned by Hans-Dieter Springer of Bielefeld, Germany.

Runner-up honors went to a 1929 BMW R52 owned by Gerg Hindriks of Neuenhaus. Hindriks said the bike was a barn find that had been in storage for decades and has been back on the road for only about five years. Not only did Hindriks recover the motorcycle’s original paperwork and tools, but its original Siemens spark plugs.

The Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens awards third place to a 1935 DKW SB200 owned by Kay Jager of Munster. The jury noted that in its day, “the SB200 was the ‘Volkswagen’ of motorcycles.”

“Most weren’t thought worth preserving, or were abused or greatly modified,” the jury reported, adding that it felt that even the most modest vehicles that were preserved were worthy of recognition.

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