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Barrett-Jackson countdown: 1932 Ford custom roadster


This 1932 Ford roadster — one of nearly 40 from the Ashton Collection that will roll across the auction block in Connecticut — has a custom-made Downs body.

It is powered by an Edelbrock-built 350ci V8 engine and automatic transmission. It is titled as a 1932 AV32FO.

The seller, Brent Ashton, consigned 36 cars and more than 100 pieces of automobilia to be sold at Barrett-Jackson’s Northeast event.

“From the custom roadsters of the ’20s to the selection of Corvettes and spectacular ’69 custom Camaro, the Ashton Collection presents a great opportunity for collectors, and we’re excited for it to cross the block at Mohegan Sun,” Barrett-Jackson President Steve Jackson said in a news release.

Barrett-Jackson’s annual Northeast auction is scheduled for June 20-23 at the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, Connecticut.


  1. Why do these builders build these Frankensteins. I understand the Chevy engines are cheap but what else did they skimp on in the car. These just shorten up the possible market for them. No real Ford guy will buy this unless they have the money to replace the engine and a die hard Chevy guy wouldn’t drive a Ford anyway. The people that don’t care would buy it with a Ford motor or a Chevy so you might as well put a Ford in it and open up your market. Besides, the Ford engines look better anyway compared to these straight rectangle valve covers. At least it isn’t an LS

    • Mr. Lliteras,
      I agree with you 100% on this. Why do builders keep doing this? It’s not physical size because there’s plenty of room in one of these roadsters. Honestly, I’ve been casually looking for a nice ’32 for quite awhile now and when I’m reading the description , I exit out of the ad the instant I see "has a 350 crate engine" (or any Chevy engine for that matter) I don’t have issues with Chevy it’s just I don’t think they have any place in a Ford. I’ve also noticed while researching , that if you find a Cobra (kit car) with a Chevy engine in it, it usually goes for way less ($10,000, $20,000 less) than one with a Ford engine. I guess Cobra owners are more purists ?


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