Corvette museum’s motorsports park offers race track intro

Cars navigate their way around the NCM Motorsports Park track | Museum photos

So, you think taking part in a track-day event might be fun. Who knows, perhaps you’re even interested in trying vintage racing. But you’re not quite sure.

The National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park offers a way to explore the possibilities when it hosts a High Performance Drivers Introduction session on June 22 in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

The museum’s track says to consider this a “101” introduction-to class that includes both classroom and on-track instruction.

In the classroom, instruction includes terms and procedures, vehicle tech requirements, personal protective requirements, what the various flags you’ll see mean — and how to react to them, basic performance driving techniques, etc.

On the track, you learn about basic car control, breaking down a corner into turn in, apex and track out, passing procedures, brake markers, pit signs, etc.

You bring your own vehicle, and the news release notes that “any mechanically sound vehicle” can participate.

The cost is $300 and the class can handle as many as 32 students.

You can register through the motorsport park’s website.



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