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Banks offers sticky-aided suction base of gauges


Banks Power is known for adding grunt to diesels (and to other vehicles as well, for that matter). But the company has introduced a new product that may not add power but will display it on dash or windshield.

New from Banks Power is the single gauge pod kit, designed to attached via sticky-aided suction, any 52mm (2 1/16 inches) gauge to a dashboard or windshield. The device has an adjustable arm designed to allow a wider range of mounting angles, Banks said.

The base can accommodate gauges up to 32mm (1 1/4 inches) in depth. 

“When preparing to launch the iDash 1.8, we realized there were no quality mounts available,” Chris Otani, Banks’ product development manager, is quoted in the company’s news release. “The only one we could find kept falling off our windshield, So, we did what all good engineers do — we made our own.”

The gauge mount is Part 63341 and is available for $34.50.

Visit the Banks Power website for more details.


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