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Race like a legend: Jaguar E-type raced by Moss up for sale


It’s hard to believe that Sir Stirling Moss never claimed an overall title, but he certainly claimed all sorts of other motorsport victories before his retirement at 88.

Moss won major races at nearly every level of competition during his racing days, including Le Mans, Sebring, the Mille Miglia, Monte Carlo, and a number of Formula One grands prix races.

One of the cars Moss piloted during his career is this gorgeous road-racing Jaguar E-type. If you like it, you should say so with your wallet because the car is now for sale.

This E-type roadster was transformed into a race car at the hands of Jaguar expert Jeremy Broad, according to AutoClassics. To complete this transition, Broad utilized a number of parts found on the amazing E-type Lightweight cars. Under the hood sits a full race-spec 4.2-liter inline straight-6. It’s backed up by a 5-speed Getrag manual.

H&H Classics of England will auction off this 1965 E-type on June 5. Pre-auction estimates peg the value somewhere between $145,000 and $170,000. That almost seems a bit low to us.

Sure, the car isn’t known as a highlight race winner, but it was piloted by Sir Stirling Moss, and it’s constructed in a similar fashion as the colossally collectible and expensive E-type Lightweights.

In January 2017, a 1963 E-type Lightweight earned $7,370,000 at a Bonhams auction. Just 12 original Lightweight cars were built, so the excitement and price make (some) sense.

This Moss-raced car isn’t in the same league, of course, but it does have sentimental value for any well-heeled motorsport lover. Furthermore, we wouldn’t be surprised if the car is invited to compete in all manner of vintage road racing events.

If a smart collector can pick this up for under $200,000, they could have quite a healthy investment machine in their midst. Plus, it’s one they could drive now in those vintage races and garner ever more interest and attention for a future sale.


  1. This article is nonsence. This E Type can’t even be mentioned in the same breath as the lightweight Jaguars that achieve incredible figures at auction.

    This car has no genuine racing history in period, and Stirling only drove it in the 90’s, and certainly did not campaign the car.

    This is a semi lightweight car and just because Stirling has sat in the car and driven around a circuit during an historic event without any success or any threat of success, should not reason to considerably inflate the value. To this end your article is possibly misleading the unwary investor.


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