Vintage racers highlight H&H ‘Fame’ sale

Vintage racers highlight H&H ‘Fame’ sale

Auction takes place in conjunction with Motorsport Hall of Fame event in England

Five cars with racing history or at least a degree of race-linked provenance, and with a combined value of more than £600,000 ($800,000), are featured on the docket for H&H Classics Motorsport Hall of Fame auction scheduled for June 5 at Woodcote Park, Surrey, England.

The cars are:

1959 Triumph TR3S re-creation

•  A supercharged 1936 MG PB specially ordered for racing by J. Scott-Hepburn, later raced by E.C. Harewood (his real name was Haesendonick but he is believed to have shortened it when he joined the Royal Air Force) and nicknamed the “Beam Axle Bombshell” after its run in the British Empire Trophy Race in 1953.

• A re-creation of one of the three 1959 Triumph TR3S works racers built for the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans race. The car has a race-tuned TR3 engine and has raced in the Silverstone Classic, the HSCC Gold Cup and at the Le Mans Legends and Le Mans Classic.

•  A re-creation of a BMW CSL “Batmobile” that fought Ford in the European Touring car Championships in the 1970s, complete with an M30 Alpina B10 3.5-liter engine, Getrag 5-speed “dog leg” gearbox and sideloader limited-slip differential.

•  A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTE 2+2 first owned by Maserati works racer Willy-Peter Daetwyler, a Swiss racer and winner of the inaugural European Mountain Championship. 

•  A 1925 MG 14/28 Super Sports salonette that wasn’t a race car but is believed to be the earliest MG to have survived in unmolested original condition before being restored by Fred Body for his own collection. The car was recently featured on the cover of Enjoying MG magazine.

1925 MG 14/28 Super Sports

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