Maserati at Monaco: Vintage vehicles at the Historique races

Italian sports and racing car company boasts of its participation on historic racing circuit

Of the 180 vintage Grand Prix racing cars participating in the recent Grand Prix de Monaco Historique, 19 were Maseratis, and among them was the 1957 250F that Juan Manuel Fangio drove to victory in Formula One race in the principality, as well as an iconic 300S and rare 6CM and V8RI models.

“For the 11th edition of this prestigious event, pre-war cars were brought back by popular demand to compete in the A-series, which became the unmissable world meeting for this category of Grand Prix cars, which were called ‘Formula 1’ as soon as World War II ended,” Maserati noted in its post-Historique news release.

Of 27 6CM pre-war racers produced, only 13 remain, the company noted, adding that the car’s technological advancement was a front suspension system that could be adjusted to meet the demands of various racing circuits. 

Maserati also pointed out that only two women drivers took part in the Historique races and one of them, Julia De Baldanza, was in her 1952 Maserati A6GCM, which was racing against a field that included a quartet of Maserati 250F models.

Maserati also noted that the 1956 Lister that finished second in one of the races was powered by a Maserati engine.

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