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Father’s Day: Working on dad’s truck fuels lifelong love of cars


Editor’s note: As a way to celebrate Father’s Day, we posted every story we received as part of our Collecting Cars, Collecting Memories contest. Thank you to all who submitted.

At the ripe old age of 8 my father, who was an aircraft mechanic, rebuilt the engine on the family 1940 Ford. He had me clean parts and showed me how ring compression tools worked and also how to grind valves.

From that point forward, I have had a keen interest in cars. I have owned 40-plus cars in 50 years, as well as having taken part in restoration of three or four cars.

I recently restored a 1953 Chevy 3600 pickup truck. My truck has won 11 trophies so far.

I will have an avid interest in the automotive hobby until the day I die, thanks to my dad who got me interested all those years ago.

-Bob Broughton from Palmdale, California


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