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Bilstein offers new tools for damper tuning


Well-known for its shocks, or “performance suspension” as the company puts it, Bilstein has launched a new line of motorsports tools designed for people who tune their shock absorbers and for racing teams that do their own maintenance, repair and damper tuning.

There are seven new tools available from the company founded in 1873 in Germany but with U.S. headquarters in Poway, California:

• A rod guide removal plate.

• A spherical bearing insert tool, designed to properly align the heim and eyelet for easier bearing installation.

• A nitrogen fill tool assembly to control the nitrogen flow between the shock and tool manifold.

• A multi-wrench that combines four common tools used in the assembly and disassembly of customer-rebuildable dampers.

• A rod guide insert (extension) tool designed to provide a safe method for installing and seating rod guide assemblies.

• A tube plug designed to prevent damper tube damage during installation and removal of the end cap.

• A damper vice assembly designed to securely hold damper assemblies during servicing.

For details, visit the Bilstein website.




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