Royal getaway 1954 Jaguar XK120

The newlyweds would look splendid motoring off in this sporty Jaguar
The newlyweds would look splendid motoring off in this sporty Jaguar

With the Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle taking place today, the Pick of the Day needed to be a British motorcar fit for the young couple to escape the madding crowds in style.

So rather than the typical Rolls-Royce limo – the Royals do have their extravagant horse-drawn carriage for the ceremonial arrival and departure, after all – the pick is a quintessential British roadster, a 1954 Jaguar XK120 SE properly attired in Old English White.

The Jaguar is said to be beautifully restored
The Jaguar is said to be beautifully restored

Just picture a bedecked Prince Harry and his new princess, bridal veil fluttering in the breeze, as they roar off in this luscious example of Jaguar’s original XK. The sports car looks to be in splendid condition, fitted with chrome wire wheels and a red interior.

The roadster is being sold, according to the Charlottesville, Virginia, private owner advertising the car on, because after less than a year of ownership, a back injury has precluded driving it.

In the ad, the owner describes how the XK120 was introduced to the world at the 1948 London Motor Show, where the evocative styling and dual-overhead-cam straight-6 engine created so much interest that Jaguar’s legendary founder, William Lyons, decided to put it into production, which proved a resounding success both on the race track and in the showroom, and spawned generations of Jaguar XK models.

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In Jaguar interior is done in regal red leather

“Offered here is a 1954 XK120 SE, the last year of production for this legendary car,” the ad says.  “Jaguar’s finely sculpted XK120 lines are prominently displayed on this nicely restored example that looks great in all areas.  

“The interior of this XK120 is nicely restored in beautiful red leather and Jaguar’s center-mounted gauges on the dash have received a full restoration.  At the heart of this XK120 is Jaguar’s famous twin-cam six that won so many races on every continent.  

“This XK120 also carries the SE or ‘Special Equipment’ performance package that featured wire wheels, increased power, stiffer suspension and a dual exhaust system.”

The asking price for this fine XK120 SE is an appropriate $120,000, and it could be the Crown Jewel of any collection.

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  1. Harry & Meghan departed for the private party after the wedding in a BLUE jaguar XK 120 as seen on the noon TV news today so I don’t understand why this post is describing it as this white Jaguar

      • Nowhere is this article does this claim to be the actual car used after the wedding but as a Pick of the Day taken from our own website ads. If you read it, that is clear.


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