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Want more from your Hemi?


Livernois Motorsports says its new Powerstorm Hemi Rocker Bar System increases valvetrain stability and supports tuning and other enhancements that can increase the speed of Chrysler’s 5.7-, 6.1- and 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engines.

“A Hemi engine is designed to produce serious horsepower and torque, which can impact the stability of the valvetrain,” Livernois’ general manager Tom Millen is quoted in the company’s news release. “At Livernois, we created our Powerstorm Chrysler Hemi Rocker Bar Systems to increase that stability which then allows for drivers to achieve higher speeds with greater safety. We were first to market with these systems nearly t10 years ago, and they’re still a popular product.”

The newest version is made from CNC-machined billet 6061 aluminum and extruded round 6061 aluminum, the company said. The setup is designed to  “help stabilize the Hemi engines’ unique valvetrain at higher rpm, enhancing durability and reducing friction — particularly with tuned engine combinations and power adders such as superchargers or nitrous oxide. These bolt-on components simply replace the engines’ original rocker bars.”
Livernois said its rocker bar systems include upgraded rocker bar shafts, billet aluminum rocker bars, fasten with ARP bolts, shaft washers, shaft collars and adjustable clamps for setting the rocker position. It also noted that the system weighs 15 pounds, three pounds less than the stock system.

For details, visit the Livernois Motorsports website. Livernois Motorsports is based in Dearborn Heights, Michigan.


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