FIVA to honor great ideas that boost the collector car hobby

FIVA to honor great ideas that boost the collector car hobby

Aim is to recognize smaller, perhaps underfunded projects that promote vintage vehicles

To recognize “people, projects and organizations that have great ideas but not necessarily such great financial support,” a new series of awards is being launched by the Federation Internationale des Vehicules Anciens.

“While we recognize the excellence of – for example – many existing factories and museums, there are also smaller, less-wealthy outfits that are contributing hugely to our international mobile heritage and deserve a bit of praise,” Natasa Grom, president of the FIVA Culture Commission, was quoted in a news release.

“This year, the FIVA Culture Awards will be presented for the first time and we’re hoping the winners could be names that are so far relatively unknown in the world of historic vehicles. Hence we need nominations from anyone – in any part of the world – who knows of people or projects or organizations that are helping to promote historic vehicles as a part of humankind’s cultural and technical heritage, and would benefit from a bit of recognition and support.”

The new awards are to be given for:

•  Research — “Outstanding research projects which lead to tangible effects in the enhancement of cultural and technical mobile heritage worldwide.”

• Dedicated service by individuals or organizations, including clubs, museums, etc.) — “Open to those whose contributions over a long period of time demonstrate excellence in the protection and enhancement of cultural and technical mobile heritage worldwide, far exceeding normal expectations.”  

•  Education, training and raising awareness — “Outstanding initiatives related to education, training and the raising of awareness in the field of cultural and technical mobile heritage, with focus on the promotion of, and/or contributions to, the sustainable development of the environment.”

To put a person or organization into nomination, see the guidelines and entry forms on the FIVA website. Nominations remain open through August 31.

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