Watch the FJ Company restore a Toyota FJ40


Icon was ahead of the trend when it came to establishing a market for restored classic utility vehicles. Now, there are a few companies out there ready to exchange a perfectly restored vintage brute for a healthy sack of cash.

One of them is the FJ Company of Miami, Florida, and we’re pretty sure you can guess what it’s building. If not, here’s a video showing the restoration process on an old Toyota FJ40.

The FJ Company is focusing its efforts on old Toyota Land Cruisers — specifically, the FJ40 and FJ43 generation vehicles. It’s also completed a restoration build on a 1986 FJ62, but that appears to be a one-off for a specific client.

If you want an old-yet-like-new FJ, then this is clearly the company for you.

Prices start at $85,000 for a fairly basic build, what the company refers to as the Classic. From there you can step up to a $120,000 Sport or the $200,000 Signature.

Those are starting prices, mind you, as there are always plenty of available options. Your author priced out a Classic build, and the final tally was just under $118,000.

Sure that’s steep, but unlike many modern cars costing similar dollars, these Toyotas will likely last you a lifetime. The FJ Company basically rebuilds the entire truck — from the frame up — hence the cost. These FJs are built as if Toyota continued to crank them out, but to a potentially higher degree of finished detail thanks to the lengthy options list.

With original, untouched FJ40s creeping into six-figure territory, FJ Company’s rebuilt versions aren’t looking too bad, especially considering the value of these things are only pointing up.



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