Tax refund goes to current project, road trip or another car

Tax refund goes to current project, road trip or another car

Responses to weekly poll are almost equally divided among three selections

Like ancient Gaul, the results of our most recent weekly poll were divided in thirds.

Here was the question:

You’ve filed your taxes and await that big refund. Will you spend it on:

One third of those responding said they’d use that refund money to finish their current restoration project.

Another third said they’d use the money to take that bucket-list road trip.

Nearly another third said they’d put the money toward buying yet another collector vehicle. 

Not quite 7 percent said they money would be used to expanding the size of garage. Perhaps in a surprise, no one expressed interest in adding a lift to their garage.

Posted on the Journal home page is our question for this week: After buying a classic car, which of these chores would you be most likely to tackle yourself? The list of possible answers is in the right-hand column of the home page. We await your choice.

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