Tax refund goes to current project, road trip or another car


Like ancient Gaul, the results of our most recent weekly poll were divided in thirds.

Here was the question:

You’ve filed your taxes and await that big refund. Will you spend it on:

One third of those responding said they’d use that refund money to finish their current restoration project.

Another third said they’d use the money to take that bucket-list road trip.

Nearly another third said they’d put the money toward buying yet another collector vehicle. 

Not quite 7 percent said they money would be used to expanding the size of garage. Perhaps in a surprise, no one expressed interest in adding a lift to their garage.

Posted on the Journal home page is our question for this week: After buying a classic car, which of these chores would you be most likely to tackle yourself? The list of possible answers is in the right-hand column of the home page. We await your choice.



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