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Vintage look for 426 Hemi wires


Offering modern technology with a vintage look, Vintage Wires has release a new wire set for the 426 Hemi engine. 

“The 7.8mm braided spark plug wires have lacquer-covered cotton braid outer casing wrapping a spiral-wound suppression core for high-tech performance and old-school style,” Vintage Wires said in its announcement.

“Distributor cap ends are not finished so that they can be custom-tailored to length — whether run through a loom or simply over the valve covers.”

The cables are available in six colors: black with two orange tracers, red with black tracers, red with black and yellow tracers, black with red tracers, satin black and yellow with red and black tracers.

Sets have a retail price of $260, with custom versions available for updated ignition systems, said Vintage Wires, which last year became part of Michigan-based ididit, long-time maker of steering columns and other accessories for the hot rod and muscle car community.

For details, visit the Vintage Wires website.


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