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Cat cover designed for universal application


Since the 1975 model year, catalytic converters have been required on most cars and pickup trucks sold in the United States. While greatly reducing pollutants emitted by internal combustion engines, the devices add a level of complication to vehicles, including those considered to be “future classics.”

One of those complications, or perhaps irritations is the proper term, is a loose or even rusted or missing catalytic converter heat shield. Not only irritating when loose and rattling beneath your vehicle, a missing heat shield is dangerous. 

“Too often, factory OE shields rust, crack, rattle, drag on the pavement or go missing entirely,” Design Engineering Inc., better known as aftermarket product supplier DEI, reports in its news release. 

“While mandatory in some states, driving with a missing shield can be dangerous and potentially a fire hazard, especially in states with risk of wildfire. Driving through tall dry grass and leaves on hot summer days can be a fire hazard. The converter, one of the hottest components of the vehicle, can reach temperatures upwards to 600 or 800 degrees Fahrenheit. “

DEI has just introduced a new universal catalytic converter shield designed to fit all vehicles.

“The addition of a high quality, rust resistant shield protects heat from being transferred into the vehicle, adds additional protection to undercar lines, hoses and electrical wiring and reduces risk of a fire mishap,” the company said.

“DEI’s universal designed shield forms to the contour of the vast majority of factory and aftermarket catalytic converters, installs easily, and is held securely in place with two 34” worm-drive style clamps. Clamps and hardware are included and will not rust or be difficult to remove like many OE shields.”

According to the company’s website the new heat shield is priced at $24.47.


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