Eaton Detroit Spring enhances Fairlane stance


Eaton Detroit Spring has launched new isolators for leaf and coil springs so owners of vintage Ford Fairlane vehicles can recapture factory stance and ride. Made of North American-produced SAE5160 spring steel, the new products are produced to original factory blueprints, Eaton Detroit said.

Rear spring isolator

The new products are front coil spring isolators (FR1300) and rear spring top and bottom isolators (FR126) for 1962-65 Ford Fairlane vehicles.

“Our leaf and coil springs are trusted by professional restoration artists and hot rod builders the world over,” Mike Eaton said in a news release. “Why? Because we manufacture our leaf springs true to the original blueprint right here in Detroit.”

Founded in 1937, Eaton Detroit Spring has more than 24,000 OEM spring blueprints and more than 150,000 stock applications as well as a custom-design staff. The new products bring to 157 the various year, body and engine-size combinations offered to Fairlane owners, who can select from stock, raised and lowered ride-height equipment.

Eaton also supplies proper bushings, shackles, U-bolts and other components.

For details on the various Fairlane parts, see the company website.



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