Electric power steering for classics and hot rods


Several years ago, American Powertrain developed an electric power steering system for sports cars, including Ferraris, Jaguars and Porsches. Now the company based in Cookeville, Tennessee, has further developed the technology and launched the bolt-on EZ Electric Power Steering system for classics, customs and hot rods.

“American Powertrain’s EZ electric power steering replaces the top section of your existing steering column with a computer controlled, electric motor assisted column,” the company said in its news release. 

“Completely hidden under the dash, the car’s steering still looks stock, but with the turn of the ignition key the integrated computer senses both torque and speed to adjust the steering effort at low speed or highway. The result is the feel and accuracy of a car with power steering.

“Ideal for comfortable cruising and parking, as well as serious road racing and auto-crossing, the system cannot cavitate, slip or stutter no matter how fast there is movement to the steering wheel,” the company said. 

“With installation, the vehicle retains the original steering wheel, steering box, collar and turn signal indicator for a purely stock look.  A small dial installed under the dash adjusts the power steering level of assist.”

The system does not use a power-steering pump, hose, belt or fluid, and American Powertrain says the system comes complete with everything needed for installation including detailed model-specific instructions.

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Systems are available for 1955-68 Chevrolet Corvettes, 1965-70 Ford Mustangs and Mercury Cougars, and for street rods. Systems for other Camaros, Tri-5 Chevrolets, Chevelles and “other popular models” are being added to the product lineup.

“All EZ Electric Power Steering systems are covered by American Powertrain’s two-year warranty,” the company added.

For more information, visit the American Powertrain website.



    • I have a ford 1950 2dr sedan mild custom running a flathead with stock drivetrain and suspension. Three spd. On column w/od. Do u have something for this application?

    • I have a 1950 Chevrolet Style Line Deluxe with 217 straight 6 motor and 3 on the tree. Do you have a system that will work on that???


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